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Legacy of Capt. Rodante B. Alix

The best legacy that Capt. Alix left to us are the values that he treasured and exemplified throughout his lifetime.


Foremost among these values is his integrity in dealing with people in all walks of life by doing what he said he would do. By meeting and exceeding peoples' expectations, Capt. Alix became the person who was trusted by the people and who was given their full cooperation and support.


Another valuable asset that Capt. Alix cherished and protected is his personal and family reputation. Aside from his confirmed generosity, expressed not merely in donations, contributions and scholarships, he involved himself in personal and community service. He demonstrated genuine care and concern for all the members of his family, his relatives and friends, those who worked in the companies he organized and managed, the local and foreign aviation students he trained and anybody that sought his help. He lived his life to the fullest while doing acts of goodness with relentless determination to improve and ensure that the family name would always be kept clean and pure.


Aside from being a highly competent mechanic and pilot extraordinaire, Capt. Alix was also a great family man. He was at his happiest when he sees his whole family around him.  He never failed to spend time with his family and to always be there when they need him the most. He loved going on vacations with his children and grandchildren, going on long drives or just driving around, flying with his grandchildren, eating out or just talking about anything.   All these would now serve as recollections of their many happy times together and how much love they have shared as a family.


As a leader and Chief Executive Officer of Mabuhay Airways and Cardinal Air Philippines and Eagle Air Academy, Inc., Capt. Alix very well knew that his chief responsibility was to think about the future, plan the next moves and evaluate the consequences of those moves but always focusing on results. He courageously faced adversities and challenges and demonstrated willingness and initiatives to take calculated risks. He developed and implemented effective strategies and applied the principles of concentrations and flexibility by changing plans and techniques, amidst uncertainties and change to reduce business losses or ensure success.


He was a great leader who listened and who was more concerned with what was right than who was right or wrong. He practiced humility, despite his being well known for his repair and maintenance capability and flying expertise, constantly reminding himself to get better at everything he was doing. As a flight instructor and sought after adviser, he never gave up until the student or trainee would learn the techniques of flying safely and doing things exceptionally well.


In sum, Capt. Rodante B. Alix left this world without fanfare but with a resounding reflection of his exemplary character as a person and devoted family man and extraordinary competence as an aviator and businessman.


For us in Eagle Air Academy, Inc., we shall continue everything that Capt. Rodante B. Alix had started, what he worked hard for, his values, standards, techniques,  high quality of training, everything that he instilled in us. His “wings” will continue flying in Eagle Air Academy, in its staff and crew, and in all its students and graduates.  

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