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Hear what our former students have to say about their journeys with us!

Capt. Angielo Briz | Captain, Q300, Philippine Airlines

"I'm proud to say that I'm a living proof of success as a pilot in one of the biggest airline in our country. My childhood dream has came to reality all because of the only person who deeply encouraged, convinced and trained me to be an excellent pilot who was a great influence in my life, Capt. Rodante B. Alix. You also learn from the experienced instructors, owner & founder himself, good values & vital lessons in life that will help you succeed in your aviation career. Godspeed and thank you, Eagle Air Academy Inc.!"

Capt. Dennis Alix Captain, ATR 72, Cebu Pacific Air

"I am extremely grateful to Eagle Air Academy Inc. for the training that I got from them. Aside from the excellent ground and flight training, my decision-making skill was honed to ensure the safety and comfort of everyone onboard the aircraft i am in-command of. I credit Eagle Air's extensive ground school and performance based training that helped me get to where I am now. Thank you Eagle Air and more power!"

Jonathan A. Ortiz Second Officer, A330, Philippine Airlines

"You have to give up something good for you to get something better. With this in mind, I remember myself excited, taking a big risk of quitting my job and fulfilling my childhood dream to become an airline pilot. Finding an affordable and good flying school is very important and often very difficult. A family friend, who is in the aviation industry, informed me of what is professionally expected today from an airline pilot. The program at Eagle Air Academy is suitable for this and it was the most appropriate flying school he could recommend for me. Hoping that it is the right path for me to begin a life long dream, I joined Eagle Air Academy on March 2011. And the rest, as they say, is history.

There I met a wise man, my mentor, the late Capt. Rodante Alix, the founder of Eagle Air Academy. It was a privilege for me to be trained by him personally. He taught me how to fly an airplane, how to deal with difficult situations, and to trust in my own judgement. In the beginning, I always had apprehensions about not being able to do everything right and not being able to understand things. I had doubts about pursuing this career, but Capt. Alix encouraged me and helped me gain self-confidence. His proficiency and intelligence about aviation aided me in earning my Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot Licenses. As I gained more aviation knowledge, I started to appreciate the decisions he makes for the progression of my training that will be most beneficial to me. He kept looking forward to the success of all of his students.

The Cessnas and the large fleet of aircraft of Eagle Air Academy are in prime condition. They are maintained by a great and excellent team that keeps all the fleet airworthy for everybody's safety and protection. This team is headed by Capt. Danny Villamor, who is also a remarkable flight instructor of Eagle Air Academy.

Everyone helps everyone no matter what stage you are in the program. For me, Eagle Air Academy is like a second home, an aviation family where all those aspiring to become airline pilots are welcome to fight for their dreams and be the best they can be. There are a lot of great flying schools across the archipelago, but the camaraderie at Eagle Air Academy is incomparable. So start today! And once you start, do your best and never give up your dream to be an airline pilot. Even the snail made it to Noah’s ark by persevering, and remember that your Eagle Air Academy family will always be with you."

Fidel G. Ala Second Officer, A330-340 Division, Philippine Airlines

"I have always clung to the belief that in each of a man's life there would be a defining moment, splitting his life in to two: before and after. And like all great stories, much of it can be traced back to a single unifying common denominator. Mine just happened to be disguised in the form of a great red man named Capt. Rodante B. Alix. Always wearing a red shirt, red cap, driving a red car, the first time Capt. Alix shook my hand I saw in his eyes a sort of excitement to share his trade. One I wouldn't waste.

And unlike most pilots who dreamed of commanding an aircraft since the day they opened their eyes, mine is of a different kind of story. A story of a learning-to-love rather than falling-in-love at first glance. A story that was introduced to me by Capt. Alix who I consider to be my own father in the line of aviation.

I could go on describing my first flight, my first solo, my first smooth landing and so on; the majestic views one can see flying over the great island of Mindoro and the heart of the Philippines in Marinduque, but in all honesty and humility, all these things to me are only bonuses in flying with Eagle Air Academy Inc. A sort of cherry on top of the ice cream cake.

I am sure other students, instructors, mechanics, and other people who were taken by Capt. Alix under his wing can attest to those. But what differentiates what I want to share with you is that of a personal level.

Flying with Eagle Air and being taught by the late Capt. Alix opened my heart to aviation. When all my batchmates went on to enrolling in the overpriced jet engine training, which should supposedly skyrocket an applicants credentials in being hired by the airlines, I, having no resource for such expensive training was taken under the guidance of Capt. Alix. He helped me become an instructor. With the mentoring of his son-in-law Capt. Danny Villamor, I gained more flying time and considerable experience by doing the thing he taught me to love: teaching other pilots-to-be.. and voila! Few months later, the airline calls me.

Much of what I am now, is because of Capt. Alix. And even in the airlines, when asked by other captains and co pilots, what I share are still memories and photos made flying with Eagle Air Academy Inc. And that had always made all the difference."

Joaquin Roberto M. Reyes Second Officer, A330, Philippine Airlines

"With hundreds of schools to choose from, why choose Eagle Air Academy Inc.? This was my school when I started my pilot career. The flight instructors guide you in every step of the way possible. Not to say it was easy, but they'll make sure you know what to do every time you fly. Learning to fly a plane might be a feat but the instructors make you seem like it's second nature; no pressure and no stress. Hesitant at first, my doubts soon disappeared when I met Capt. Rodante Alix. The moment you meet him, he welcomes you with a big smile. Making you feel as if you've known him for so long. What other flight school has their CEO greet his pilots like this? At times even flying with you on your cross country flights. It was really a proud and humbling chance to have known him personally. In short, Eagle Air Academy felt like a second home in many ways than one. Getting to fly with them and learn with them was a great experience."

Jonathan Babaran First Officer, A320, Cebu Pacific

"I have a lot of very fond memories during my time at Eagle Air Academy Inc. I earned my PPL, CPL, and Instrument Rating there. The school is very family oriented. I always felt like I was never away from home. Our instructors wanted us to learn and to enjoy. Best of all, they treated you not just as a student, but as a family member. For me, this environment was very conducive for learning. They brought out the best in you since everyone was having fun. Nobody was left behind. Add to this, the airport where the school is located has the best views while flying. One of the main reasons people want to fly.

As a product of Eagle Air Academy Inc. and the late Capt. Rodante Alix, I always felt the genuine desire of the school and all the instructors to teach ordinary people to become competent aviators for the industry. Capt. Alix did not give-up on me when I was due for my first solo. Now, I have brought what he has taught me to the airlines."

Ian Dexter M. Pomposo TSO, B777 Division, Philippine Airlines

"Becoming a pilot was my dream even when I was a kid. Given the fact that I am a son of a military aviator, it is in my blood. As early as 9 years old, I already knew the difference between a T-41 and a Marchetti, a rotary wing and a fix wing, I was exposed on all the military aircraft. But being a military man was not for me. I went on to a different path instead and earned two Bachelor’s Degree courses in my college years, a Computer Programmer and a Registered Nurse. But becoming a pilot was my ultimate dream. As the saying goes, "follow your dreams", and that’s what I did. The first hurdle I encountered was on the financial side of flight training and the second one, my age, being 35 years old at that time. Then, my dad met a man whose passion I never knew until I personally flew with him and hear stories about him. That man is Captain Rodante B. Alix, my mentor, my guide and my second father. He once told me, it’s not about the age and it’s not about the funds, it’s all about the love of flying. He made me a fulltime scholar of Eagle Air Academy, from ground schooling up to becoming one of the elite flight instructors of Eagle Air Academy, building up my hours and experience. Capt. Alix, as we use to call him, guided me in every aspect of flight training, from theory to skills to technical aspect and most important of all, ATTITUDE.

I won’t be able to write this testimonial if I was not listening and understanding all the teachings Capt. Alix gave me, even lessons in life included. Eagle Air Academy is not only a Flight School, it is a Brotherhood, it is a Family, it is Home. To the late Captain Rodante B. Alix, I thank you with all my heart for guiding me and making me what I am today. To the crew, from Flight Instructors, Ground Instructors, Maintenance, and Organic Personnel of Eagle Air Academy, my home away from home and my second family, I wish you all the best! Safe Flights and Blue skies! Mabuhay!"

Christopher Charles E. Caparas First Officer, Avro RJ 100, Royal Air Charter Service, Inc.

"I am very blessed to be a graduate of Eagle Air Academy, Inc. Thanks to Captain Rodante Alix, he gave me my biggest break in my aviation career. If it were not for him, I woudn't be living my dream now as an Airline Pilot.


It is in Eagle Air where I earned my Commercial Pilot's License, Instrument Rating and my Flight Instructor's License. After which I applied in different airlines and I am very proud to say that I have passed every exam and interview. This great school has indeed molded me into becoming an aviator and will definitely teach and prepare future students to excel in their aviation careers in the future.


One of the things I love about this school is the location, which is Marinduque Gasan Airport. It is a gorgeous Island with pristine beaches and good food. It’s a peaceful area, very conducive for learning. Not to mention that Eagle Air is the one and only flying school there, you will definitely get your money’s worth. I have learned so much from this school, not just flying but to have a positive attitude towards life, to be humble and stay grounded. 


Thank you so much for everything, Eagle Air Academy. I would like to say thanks also to our Chief Pilot, Captain Danny Villamor and Ma'am Nanette. I am very grateful in being part of this school/family. Now, I am a pilot of a four-engine jet. Dreams really do come true, with Eagle Air Academy."


Melchor L. Miranda First Officer, ATR-72-600, Cebu Pacific Air (Cebgo)

"Eagle Air Academy Inc. (EAA) helped me grow and develop the attitude and skills in becoming a good pilot. By their guidance, I have gained great experiences that helped me in my career and personal advancement – which led me to becoming a part of Cebu Pacific Air, one of the top airlines in the Philippines.

Our beloved founder, Capt. Rodante Alix, who I consider as my second father, granted me a scholarship. Under his supervision, he assisted me in acquiring Commercial Pilot License (CPL), Flight Instructor License, and quite a few ratings. For that, I will forever be grateful to him, the school, and to his entire family.

It was a wonderful and unforgettable time working for a company that offers great programs and competent instructors – who guided me throughout my training. Apart from the quality training, they have provided me with great companionship, which made me feel like I’m always part of a big family. One of the things I miss the most in EAA is the time my colleagues and I spent every weekend or after a full day of hard work hanging out and having conversations about our love for aviation.

To Capt. Rodante Alix and Capt. Danny Villamor, I will forever be in debt to you. Thank you for treating me like family, for guiding me through the years of my training as a student and as a flight instructor. You will always be my inspiration. I will always treasure the friendship I’ve gained with your family. To the Alix family; Dra. Gloria Alix, Ma’am Nanneth, Ma’am Didi, Ma’am Eng, and Ma’am Tisha, thank you for always supporting me and my entire colleagues. To my co-instructors, mechanics, and students – thank you very much for being a part of my pilot career.

Thank you to the entire family for blessing me this once in a lifetime opportunity. Being able to work for a top airline reminds me the experiences and makes me appreciate the teachings and lessons EAA has taught me.

As a former student and flight instructor of EAA, I would definitely recommend this flying school to aspiring student pilots who are goal oriented, focused, and motivated. I welcome you to the EAA Family! I hope someday we would cross paths and be proud that we were once an “Eaglet”."

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