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About Us

Eagle Air Academy, Inc. (EAA), is a registered flying school in the Philippines accredited by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), Bureau of Immigration (BI) and the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA).


EAA is a family-owned organization founded by the patriarch and the venerable, prominent, experienced and pioneer aviator, Capt. Rodante B. Alix,  who had been in the aviation industry since 1960 and had been a prominent practitioner and contributor in making Philippine aviation what it is today.

Training Philosophy

Eagle Air Academy has all it takes to successfully produce private and commercial pilots and flight instructors who have the required knowledge, skills and experience and the motivation to fly safely and serve the public.

Considered as our most important assets are our personnel and staff. They have been carefully selected, trained and developed and placed in positions where their talents are best utilized and perfected.  Our personnel complement is a team that takes pride and ownership of its “products” and its quality.  Our management team is composed of experienced and highly qualified officers who use critical thinking, expertise and other motivating factors to improve performance and productivity.  Our flight instructors have mentored and trained, without incidents, many foreign and local students most of whom are now pilots/co-pilots of airlines and aviation companies.  Our mechanics have the experience and the required licenses and are now supervised by our pilot-mechanic, Capt. Danny A. Villamor,  who had been strictly and directly taught by his father-in-law and our founder, Capt. Rodante B. Alix, how general maintenance of all aircrafts are cleverly and efficiently done.

Eagle Air Academy owns and operates five (5) single-engine trainers and two (2) multi-engine aircraft that are well-maintained and equipped for the students to learn the rudiments and science and art of flying.  We also have two (2) simulators to enable the instructors to teach and simulate the different emergencies and other intricacies of flying more effectively and without endangering the safety of persons and property.

We provide step-by-step training programs via personalized instructions to ensure better understanding and retention of the lessons by students as they go through the process and the learning curve. We value quality over quantity with safety as our primodial consideration. The track record of eagle air, the management and personnel complement, the two operating bases and our assets are testaments to our capability and potentials to successfully provide outcomes and performance-based training programs and our capacity and readiness for expansion to admit more students. 

Our Core Values (E.A.A.I.S.S.) 

The degree to which something is successful in producing a desired result, and the accomplishment of a job with the least waste of time and effort.

Being proactive in approaching any task or assignments; actively pursuing a positive result in any situation until success is achieved.

Our personnel should be daring and bold; when the situation is unclear or when there are obstacles, act boldly.

Clear thought and good understanding of what is important, and the ability to express this.

Freedom from danger or risk; Protection

Freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury or loss.

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